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Black magic, also known as dark magic, is a form of supernatural practice that involves the use of occult or supernatural forces to manipulate or influence events, people, or the natural world. It is often associated with negative intentions and the harnessing of evil or malevolent energies.
Black magic is typically viewed as a practice that goes against ethical or moral principles and is often used to cause harm, control, or exploit others. Its methods can include rituals, spells, curses, or the invocation of supernatural beings or entities. The belief in black magic varies across cultures and religions, and practices can differ accordingly.
It’s important to note that black magic is not supported or endorsed by mainstream religions or recognized spiritual practices. Instead, it is often considered taboo or forbidden due to its potentially harmful nature and the manipulation of natural or supernatural forces beyond human understanding.
It’s worth mentioning that magic itself, without the association of being “black” or “dark,” can also refer to various spiritual or ritual practices aimed at achieving positive outcomes, personal growth, healing, or connection with higher powers. These practices are often referred to as white magic or light magic and are generally aligned with benevolent intentions.
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