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Husband-wife disturbance can arise due to various factors, as relationships are complex and influenced by individual differences, external circumstances, and interpersonal dynamics. Here are some common reasons why such disturbances may occur:
Communication issues: Communication problems can lead to misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and ineffective problem-solving. Lack of open and honest communication can create tension and distance between spouses.
Financial conflicts: Money-related issues, such as disagreements over spending habits, financial responsibilities, or differing financial goals, can cause stress and strain within a marriage.
Unresolved conflicts: Past unresolved conflicts or recurring arguments that are not properly addressed can create a cycle of tension and dissatisfaction, leading to ongoing disturbance between spouses.
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Differences in values and expectations: When partners have different values, beliefs, or expectations about various aspects of life, such as parenting, career goals, or household responsibilities, it can lead to disagreements and conflicts.
Lack of emotional intimacy: Emotional intimacy involves sharing and connecting on a deep emotional level. When partners feel emotionally disconnected, neglected, or unsupported, it can cause distress and tension in the relationship.
Changes in priorities and roles: Major life changes, such as the birth of a child, career shifts, or health issues, can disrupt the balance of priorities and roles within a marriage, leading to tension and adjustment difficulties.
External stressors: External factors like work pressure, extended family issues, health problems, or financial difficulties can place strain on the relationship, affecting the couple’s emotional well-being and their ability to support each other.

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