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If marital issues aren’t resolved or dealt with promptly and effectively These issues can affect the entire marriage and domestic life. The various issues, problems and issues associated to domesticity and marriage can be classified under the broad spectrum of these issues. This website provides informative and useful information about the different types of issues that arise between spouses and provides quick and efficient solutions for astrology problems to various problems and issues. As of now, our highly respected and well-known Pandit Ankush Sharma Ji of Delhi(New Delhi, India) has solved many such issues with remarkable and impressive results, and has assisted people living in cities across India and around the world. The various types of issues resolved by him are described in the sections below as well as the various kinds of solutions that are that are available.

With regards to the relationship and compatibility between couple the most influential house in the chart of the birth chart of a couple is the 7th house. Statuses, locations as well as the positive and negative influence of planets can also be credited for the harmonious or turbulent marriage between married couples. An in-depth analysis of these aspects of astrology is done by our expert astrologer to resolve marital problems and thorny cases.
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Marriage Problems and Solutions Using Astrology

To provide the highest quality and guarantee marriage problems and solutions through the use of astrology Highly intelligent and internationally prominent expert in astrology and Pandit Ankush Sharma Ji takes into consideration the following aspects: —- about the status of the seventh as well as other significant houses in the chart of birth; the location of the house, its nature, and the power of Venus and the lord of the seventh house in the chart of birth and the location, strengths, and weaknesses of benefic planets such as Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, etc. The influence of malevolent as well as positive planets on the seventh house, both in condition of transit and stationary; amount of negative and adverse influence of malefic planets such Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu, etc. on the seventh house as well as on the overall birth chart; and the effects of any harmful astrology practice such as that of Kaal Sarpa Yoga, or Mangal Dosha. The disputes and issues associated to marriage and relationships between spouses, that can be effectively addressed by our expert astrologer are classified into the broad categories of: